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Get the best option for mobile device tracking by only the phone number. No physical access is needed.

  • Worldwide coverage
  • Exact geolocation
  • Totally anonymous
  • All phone types

Hear from real FindLocate users

Hear from real FindLocate users

Thanks a lot for all the great help you’ve given me. Since I used the phone tracking service, I have never lost touch with my family. With the fancy feature, tracking down a phone number is lightning fast!

Jerome Cole

New York, USA

I never thought I could follow a phone number like a police officer in a movie. But now my dream has come true thanks to FindLocate!

Louis Potts


Does tracking a cell phone’s location for free sound appealing? I just geolocated a cell phone at the expense of my privacy. I had never had faith in a phone tracking service until I met FindLocate.

Nate Kendall

Melbourne, Australia

When my husband is away on business, it’s nice to know where I can find him with just a tap. It’s really simple.

Kelly T. McMunn

Toronto, Canada

I’d been looking for something similar for years, but I didn’t believe it existed. I’m glad I came across it. I’m blown away by how simple FindLocate is to use.

Robert A. Mears

Chicago, USA

Spotlights of FindLocate

  • Totally Private Service

    No private information will be stored by our service, and your privacy is highly protected. Just take it easy!

  • No App Installation

    No installation is required to use the phone tracker service. Just find any phone location online!

  • Easy to Activate

    Just enter the phone number in the search box and click the button, you can locate any phone globally.

  • Strong Compatibility

    FindLocate can be well adapted to all mobile devices including IOS and Android without a fuss.

How it works?

Enter Phone Number

Pick a correct country code and key in the number that you’d like to look for in the search bar.

Send Message

FindLocate sends a customized text containing a link via SMS to the target’s mobile device.

Find Location

Once the phone number owner opens the link, you will get to know where they are on a map.

FAQ: Locate Any Phone by Number

What is FindLocate?

FindLocate is a phone number lookup site that helps you locate any cell phone by phone number. Using FindLocate, anyone can locate a person using the phone number. Simply type the target’s cell phone number in the search box and wait for a little while until the site finds the location.

What Other Features Can I Benefit from by Using FindLocate?

You can not only locate a phone with FindLocate, but you can also send voice messages and conduct reverse phone lookup with it. You can explore a variety of additional features as well as the accurate positioning feature with FindLocate.

How Does a Phone Locator Work?

Using GPS, Wi-Fi, and Cellular data, the search process can be performed easily. For example, FindLocate uses GPS and cell tower triangulation to locate a phone. The app will send a message to the owner. Then, you can locate someone if an emergency occurs or find a lost device as quickly as possible.

How Accurate Is the Data on FindLocate?

Since our data is derived from precise GPS technology, Wi-Fi transmissions, and cell towers, you don’t need to worry about accuracy.

Is a Phone Number Locator Legal to Use?

In some cases, you can use a phone locator to find a phone or a person, especially if you have lost your phone or want to locate your child. FindLocate complies with GDPR and will only activate when a target person has given consent. Please note that tracking others’ phones without their consent is strictly forbidden in some countries.

One Click Away from Phone Location

FindLocate is your best option to find a phone location by number online!